Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle Salon Strength

This nailpolish really works! And can be found at places like walgreens, walmart and kmart @ around $8 dollars. I had to try it because I wanted my nails to grow fast and this product is getting the job done (coming from a person who bites her nails constantly). I personally apply it like new everyday so it would work faster, but you can put it on once every two days as a base coat to other nail polish or use it alone.

I hope this review helped you on something!

Sure it's working for me :)

Have tried this one before?
How did it help? Or not?


  1. I'm def gonna try it! I bite my nails like crazy and def need something to get them to grow fast enough so I fall in love with them and stop munching! LOl


  2. This post really helps me because I have the horrible habit of biting my nails as well, and have been looking for the perfect treatment.




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