Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was born... a day like tomorrow.

Hello fellow bloggers / friends / awesome people who are not bloggers or friends but if you are here it means you are just plain AWESOME :) (and thanks for reading, jiji).

Tomorrow is a big day in my life since it's my birthday and I'm going to celebrate it like it should be celebrated :D
I have everything, awesome dress, cute shoes, accessories, make up, nail polish and hair. I'm going to be SO much fun in the name of God! :)
I have many many things to show you, I've been shopping everywhere this summer.
Oh, lately I've been wanting to grow my nails and I've found this amazing nail polish that makes them grow fast! I feel like I need to make a review. On the next post I will, promise :)

Ciao awesome person who is reading this :)
- Reina. XXOO

PS: I'll leave you guys with a song from a band (2 door cinema club) that I discovered today. They are pretty cool!


  1. wishing you a great birthhhdaayy!
    hope you have tons of fun
    and all the best




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