Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life and Change

Hello to you!

I'm not sure if anyone reads this anymore. But just for the sake of my own mental sanity I'll write my heart away. 

The purpose of this blog has been to explore, inspire and to have fun while educating and learning from different sources. I hope some of that stays here and I keep bringing anyone who is reading this a little bit more to enjoy, even if it's for a while. I'll come back to it. I promise. But to explain a little bit of what has been going on I'll write a bit more...

My life as a "blogger" has been held back by bigger responsibilities, such as finishing my University bachelor and stepping into the real world of working as a teacher. My love life have been something else, in which I just don't want to step in. I've also been growing as a woman, more and more each day that passes. Life has been good and bad. You know... as usual life goes. Everyone has their stories and lately, in mine I've been struggling. Even though I've had greatest highs and deep lows, I keep going because life demands me to not fall down and I won't allow it

So, if lately you have been feeling the same or worse, fight for what you deserve, which is far better than where you are now. Never give up on anything worth having or feeling. Keep fighting because things get better.

Have a goodnight and best blessings to YOU.

PS: I'll have other posts, come back to check them out (:


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