Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Point Of View: (2009) MTV Video Music Awards

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards were nice, some awards were given to wrong people (and I'm NOT talking about Taylor Swift, I love her) but overall it was a good show to watch along with friends.

The Good:
Janet Jackson gave a tribute to Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) It was a nice presentation, I was shocked to see her do all those moves for her brother, it was a great opening. Gaga gave the best performance of the night. Full of an epic stage, dramatic moves and looks. Blood and white lace was everywhere to be found. Everything was just gorgeous and stunning. Pink gave a nice show, she did tricks on air while singing (sounds hard) and she made it great. Pink's show was very good but Lady Gaga ripped it! Go to the link and see the killer and breathtaking presentation :) http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/435679/paparazzi-live.jhtml
Taylor Swift made me smile with her show. She was really into her performance right after the embarrasing moment with Kanye, way to go girl!

The Bad:
On the other hand, Green Day was awful, I'm sorry for those Green Day fan's (if they have any).

I just didn't like the "rock n' roll" show at all. The All-American Rejects were funny, the glitter on the main singer Tyson Ritter was a bit too much, but it made me laugh and as long it's good TV I don't mind. Beyonce didn't impress me at ALL, sorry. Katy Perry, I'm getting tired of you, try something else and doing covers is NOT the way to get somewhere else better.

Kanye West, wow Kanye made a bad decision that night. He got up took Taylor Swift's mic and said "I think Beyonce had the best video EVER", blah blah blah. Tsk tsk tsk, aren't you a little too old to do this? and it was to Taylor Swift. Kanye totally disappointed me.

OVERALL, cool show :)
some parts were boring, shocking and lovely but it was a nice Sunday night.
PS: Picture above is from MTV.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "socialite" from The City

Daughter of a Connecticut real estate developer Douglas Palermo, (23) Olivia Palermo made it big by appearing as Whitney Port's frienemy on the MTV "reality" show The City. This girl's style and poise made her an outstanding television character. She has quite the taste, she's has a nice and reserved style. Also, she wears a lot of blazers, jackets, vests and shoulder pads too and she makes them look polished and eye-catching.


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