Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Christmas Shopping

Hello Lovely!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (:
New Years Eve is right around the corner and I wanted to get a dress for the occasion.

It took a long walk into every store I liked from the Barceloneta Outlet's in PR to made up my mind and find that eye catching dress. Sadly, at the end of the day I didn't find the perfect dress. I bought BCBG goodies (a sweater and a button down shirt) and some old navy sweaters that I over-wore this year but instead of buying them my favorite clothing color (black) I got them in navy and gray. My boyfriend and best friend tagged along for the ride and it came out to be a very fun experience (minus the dress). Although, I hadn't found the dress for the night I am hoping I will and well... let's hope it's a bright color or it has sequins or something because it should stand out. If I can't find a dress, I'm thinking about sparkly heels which adds fun and festivity to a basic outfit.

Wish me good in finding either one! It's been a great year, I want to enjoy it and look my most amazing.

Picture time (:

On our way! :3

This is called "Piraguas"
It's a refreshing tropical drink that is delish!

Me and Him (:

Zoey my bestie caught talking on her iphone (:

BCBG sweater


Zipper sleeves

BCBG sweater

BCBG sweater, AE belt and jeans, ON flats

Happy Holidays!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May all your wishes come true this Christmas and get ready for the New Year because it'll be better than this year :D
Have fun, keep being classy and enjoy the holiday cheer!

 My brother and me on Christmas eve (:
Necklace: A gift from grandma
Bracelet: Pandora gray leather and charms
Lace shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Guess

Gifts from my boyfriend :D

VS Giftcard gift from my aunt (:

What did you get for Christmas!?


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