Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iStalk Wednesday: Whitney Port

I've been stalking Whitney Port's style and fashion since "The Hills" but now since she's a new young designer theres even more boldness in her looks.
I love it when she rocks the leather jacket, it looks edgy and fun.
She's such a sweetheart, I wish she would stay like this forever!

PS: Christmas is near!
What will make you stand out?
Sequins, glitter, lace, satin or any other?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Wish

I truly believe that Christmas is a holiday where families and close friends get even more closer to celebrate their life and happiness. Presents for me are just a way to say "thank you for everything" and being deeply grateful. Plus, I believe theres a God who sent his son to die for all of us and our sins and he is who watches over us. This is why I am so thankful, because my life is faithfully in his hands.

But I really don't mind if your belifes are different than mine, we all are human and deserve to treat eachother well. We all get and give something for christmas but there are many people that don't.

With that said my christmas wishes for the not fortunate, for those who feel alone/sad/depressed & for everyone who is ALIVE are...




Because with this we can conquer anything in life.

Happy Holidays (:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

iStalk Wednesday: Kelly Osbourne

Hi! (:
Every Wednesday I'll post about a celebrity who inspires me in someway.
It could be style, personality wise or both.

Today is Kelly Osbourne.
This girl changed SO much this over the last 2 years. She's become a great role model and a fashion icon. It's amazing how people can chance for the better. Plus, she has great style.
She's so cute!

Does any celebrity inspires you? Who?
Have a nice week (:

Monday, December 13, 2010

My head has been... ALL OVER

Ello' !
I've been busy and haven't had anytime for my lovely blog, till NOW! (:
Better late than never, right?
I'll kick it off with sharing some of my latest fashion inspirations.

Right now is what I like to call "my season" because I LOVE winter and I just mix well with it and so is my style. I just can't get enough black, gray and blue :D

I'm finding rings, headbands, purses, hats, shoes (boots & booties) and Jammies for great deals. This means you KNOW I'll be shopping. I've been going to GAP lately, they have a great sale section where I've found a bunch of cool sweaters, v-necks and purses. This I like because it means I'm getting something good for less (:

Here are some of those items I've bought in the last month:

Roxy 2-Way Backpack (@ Pacsun, $5.00) & Suede Black Pumps (@ Payless, $14.99)

Black and Blue Satin Cheetah Tote (@ GAP, $13.00)

Black Cashmere/Cotton Vest (@ GAP, $8.00)

Gray Cashmere/Cotton Vest (@ GAP, $8.00)

Those are just some of the goodies (:
Hope you like them as much as I did!
Have a nice week :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Missed you...

It's been a hectic couple of months. Between my new job and college I seem to do nothing else but chill with my bed. I've been having a bunch of mixed feelings towads the job but everything is going smooth for now. I've been missing blogging SO much... I'm SO behind on a lot of things here on the blog and I feel kinda sad about it. Hopefully, I'll get back on track soon because this is one of my favorite things to do.

On a brighter note; It's almost christmas!
Which is only favorite holiday (:
I'm planning a lot for this christmas, including an inspiring post about cupcakes!
BUT, I don't want to ruin the surprise so all of you have to wait and see.

Lately, I've been tumbling a whole lot!
I just love to post interesting pictures, so check that if you like.

I'll keep this updated so stay tuned :D
But for now, CIAO!

PS: Even thought I'm not posting much, I keep reading all of your lovely posts (:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fancy Shmancy!

Fancy Shmancy!
Fancy Shmancy! by reinablen featuring punk shoes

A look that is perfect for the holidays or a special event!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Show: Carlos Alberto's "Glamour" Boutique [Fall - Winter Collection 2010]

The "Glamour Fashion Show" was adorable!

So many different pieces for man and woman at a nice price range from around $80 to $200 dollars worth of clothes and some accesories like purses, necklacklace and shoes from designers like Carlos Alberto (store owner and Puertorican designer) and Gracia (New York designer). Plus, I go to greet Miss Ireland Universe 2010 Rosanna Purcell. She was so nice to take a picture with me :D It was a fun time! I got an invitation to see the collection live and snapped some pictures from my blackberry for the blog readers (:

Here they are:

Rosanna Purcell & Myself
@ the fashion show.

Any comments welcome!

Friday, September 24, 2010

F&X Store Opening in Puerto Rico

Today I spotted a new store @ the mall I'm currently working at (Rio Hondo, Bayamon). It's called F&X and is kind of expensive but adorable! It's an European fashion brand :) They have nice shirts, belts and jeans, plus some very cute skirts.

I'll be shopping there whenever I get my paycheck :$
haha :D

Here is a sneek peak from the opening day
which was today (friday, sept 24, 2010)

Any comments welcome (:

Friday Music Muse: METRIC

Metric (band) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; is formed with vocalist Emily Haines (who also plays the synthesizer and guitar), guitarist James Shaw (who also plays the theremin), bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key. They've been around since 1998 and keep going. Their sound is indie rock & new wave.
[info from wiki]

[Song: "Sick Muse"]

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Week: Alice + Olivia for Spring 2011

LOVE this collection!
Is full of color, layers, stones, sparkles and glamour.
It's also very detailed and unique.
Also, it has a little bit of looks from the decades of the 1950's to the 70's.
Simply GORGEOUS (:

Some pictures from the collection:
[view the full lookbook here]

[photos taken from]

What do you think?
Is Alice + Olivia one of your favorite designers?

Any comments welcome (:


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