Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Latest Obsession: Early Fall 09' Boots from U.O.

Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!? I want them all, but then again, got to get some $$ first. Their catalog came a week ago and the pictures are outstanding. Check out the online store @

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kings of Leon's lead man takes on the prize

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist from "Kings Of Leon" (Caleb Followill) has some dazzling blue eyes and a perfect voice to match his style. He's always very contented on stage and off, but he always keeps that rock n' roll stance when he dresses. He has an edgy but laid back style that I love. He always switches up and makes it more interesting every time he performs.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Make-up bag

Make up is a wonderful thing (if you use it correctly), if we could carry around our make up kit without a problem and just with a simple touch from an app from iphone whatever you need can pop-out, it would be magical. BUT! we can't, we need to carry whatever we need in a little make up case that won't take much space in our bag so everything can have order. Well, there's no problem! Just take the basics. These are: Eyeliner, lipgloss or lipstick and powder :) as simple as that! Of course this depends on how much you can really carry in your bag. It's not easy to let everything go, but atleast try it, your shoulders will thank you.

My Point Of View: (500) Days Of Summer

Actors: Incredible! They played their characters amazingly. They were fun, specially Zooey Deschanel (I love her in movies), she always stays with her character and her personality shines.
Music: I absolutley adore the music in this motion picture. Specially when "Sweet Disposition" (which I've been playing it ever since this morning) from The Temper Trap starts playing. It makes me want to fly! :)
Overall Movie: It's my new favorite movie of the year so far. The concept it's refreshing and fun. I would see it again without even thinking it twice.

So, if you want to fall in love (for the 1st time or all over again) you should catch this magical and enchanting story. But remember; this is not a love story, is a story about love.

Friday, August 21, 2009

OPEN! Forever 21 in Puerto Rico

Huge! Huuuuuuuuuuuuge store! It even has it's own elevator!
Loving the prices and the decorations. I took the pictures from my mobile phone cause I wanted to share my excitement with the world. In all seriousness it's like walking into clothes land, you can't focuse on one thing.

Jared Followill and Alisa Torres

I just want to vent this out cause It's new for me and I'm actually very suprised.
Kings Of Leon's bass guitarist and pianist, Jared Followill is a total HOT tamale and he's engaged!! Good luck!

Irish POWER!

Irish singer-songwriter, Róisín M. Murphy (2004-present) has an extravagant style and a lovely voice. When my friend introduced her song "Overpowered" to me, it won me over! Her videos are enchanting and fresh, her look is pretty fashionable. I'll share one of my favorite videos of her with you. Enjoy!

My Latest Obsession

Leather jackets! I perfer them with studs but I love em' without studs too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

YYY's main LADY!

The ENERGETIC native Korean, Karen O from the "Yeah Yeah Yeah's" has an outrageous edgy style that screams rock n' roll and has a 101% stage presence (their shows are exciting!). Her voice has a kick ass sound and the band rocks around the world. Check them out if you haven't. It's one of my personal favorite bands and I never get tired of them.
I'm going to share with you one of my favorite songs from their newest album "It's Blitz", it's called "Heads Will Roll" Enjoy! :)

Mix and Match!

When you say "I have NOTHING to wear!" It doesn't mean your closet is EMPTY! So, when you have no money to buy something new or when you feel everyone has seen it ALL; don't go and sit on the sofa and feel sorry for yourself because you "can't make it" to wherever. Go to your closet and find something you can mix and match with something else. Shoes and accesories are a must, even a big ring or a pair of nice earrings can make the difference in an outfit. Also don't be afraid about scarves or cardigans either, they are great individually and together!

Creepy + Stylish = Natasha Khan!

Natasha Khan, the lead singer from "Bat For Lashes" has some serious skills when she puts on some clothes (and the make up is just WOW, artsyyyyy).
I love it, plus she CAN sing. This girl never goes wrong when she wants to create an innovative look that no one has.


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