Saturday, March 26, 2011

Donating For A Cause

Hello you! :)

I hope your having a great weekend!

So far, I'm having a great weekend. It started with me donating $10 dollars for the Japan devastating earthquake we all saw over the news 2 weeks ago. I felt like I needed to do something more than praying for Japan. I also felt the urge to give and try to help in the relief process. I'm very happy with the help I was able to give and I feel like I did something to make the world a bit of a better place. I donated them through RedCross.Org

I exhort you do the same if you can. If you truly felt like me, you should act.
This action changed me in someway (:

In other news, I have a very nice used car! This is just for my brother and me to use for school and work but is still awesome and it works for me :D

Let's see how my Sunday turns up to be... :)

Have a great night and week!
Any comments welcome.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

iStalk Wednesday: Keri Hilson

Happy Wednesday! (:

Something about this singer/songwriter's style intrigues me. Many have said she is a "Rihanna's Rip-Off" but I think not. She has a unique thing about her. Having style is all about knowing yourself, therefore, Ms. Hilson carries herself beautifully.

All pictures from ZIMBIO
Any comments welcome!
Have a good week!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Issey Miyake Ready-To-Wear FW 11' Paris

Happy Friday!

As you all fashion bloggers may know, Fashion Week in Paris is taking action.
Designers like, Balmain and Lavin are showing their Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collections.
I followed Issey Miyake's ready-to-wear collection, which started today march 4th. His collection is A-MA-ZIIING. Such a great designer overall, and I love how most of his pieces are stuctured & minimalistic.
I've been keeping my eyes open for art pieces and I have posted some of my favorites from his collection.
All pictures belong to

I'm a true fan of this collection. For more on this check out his entire collection here.

What do you think about this collection?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Mood ♥

I'm a sucker for spring.

To me, spring means; freshness, light air, sunlight, reborn, flowers and water.

This season makes me feel good inside because it also means that this trimester will be over and then summer will come, and by this I'll have my break! I've been working with so many things in college & work that it's been hard keeping up with the things I love, like sightseeing and taking pictures. I hope I can keep up with it as soon as I get my summer break. In the meanwhile, I'll enjoy this great spring fling mood and hope you enjoy it also :)

I took this picture 3 weeks ago.
How does spring makes YOU feel?

iStalk Wednesday: Isabel Lucas

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Isabel Lucas style is very California meets Vintage. I love the fact that she can pull many different looks. She's an Australian actress who has worked in films like Daybreakers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I find her style to be fresh, great for spring and summer.

Here are some of her looks...

Review: Essie's "Nice Is Nice" Nail Polish

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family!

I wanted write a little review for the lilac color from Essie "French Affair" spring collection 2011. In the pictures I took below this description, you can see how well it looks when applied. I am a big fan of nail polishes but I never tried Essie till I saw this color and had to have it. It takes 2 coats to get the pretty lilac color from the bottle and it has a great finish. I didn't have to put on a top coat because it looks shinny by itself. I would def. consider buying more from this line. They have unique colors and they cost two dollars less than Sephora's nail polishes.

Here are the pictures:

Have you tried Essie?
Do you own any Essie nail colors that you find amazing?

Which are they?

Comments are always welcome!


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