Monday, July 12, 2010

Juicy Couture Store

I've been having a Juicy Couture CRAZE since I went to it's only Outlet here in PR @ Barceloneta.
My cousin and me went and gasped all over the store! The scenery is so cute and girly, loved it :) I took some pictures of the place to share with all of you. And of course, I had to get something :$ The prices of the clothing in this store varies from $20 to $200, (pretty cheap to be JC).

::Pictures inside the outlet store::

I decided to take a look of the summer collection for 2010 and found really cute outfits around the online store.
These were my favorites.

Juicy Couture: Summer 2010

For more looks visit the Juicy Couture Online Store

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  1. i hate to be a downer, but out juicy outlet really kindof sucks. i never find anything cute thats less than $80.00. but i hope yours is a lot better than mine.

    and p.s. im finally getting around to sending your prizesss. im so sorry im so very very late.



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