Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Katy Perry's: Part of Me (Movie)

Hello peeps (:

I wanted to write a short review about a movie I didn't think I was going to see. Countless times, I thought to myself that it was just a waste of money watching a movie about Katy Perry’s life since I thought I saw it all on an “E!” special show about her ever-growing career . Then, I challenged myself to take a deeper look into her life changing experience once she lost the love of her life. After all, she is a human being who is just trying to work hard to be herself and make a positive change in the world with her corky, fun and cool attitude.

The Internet is a huge place with millions and billions of news about artists and what they said about certain aspects of their personal lives and it made me really think positively about the opportunity of watching a real artist struggling with her life and emotions.

I did not watch the movie on 3D, just because it gives me headaches and I like it old-school. Plus, its way cheaper just the regular way J. My friends and I enjoyed the realness of the movie; everything about it was absolutely inspiring and real. People recorded videos on YouTube talking about how she inspires them and how important is being true to yourself. This shows how values are so important in society. It made me see Katy Perry as a person who just wants the absolute best for her and everyone.

The film also showed her ups and downs about her relationship with Russell Brand. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to watch the movie. I was so interested in knowing how everything went crumbling down. She made the best she could do in keeping the relationship alive and it just wasn't enough for either of them. Watching this part of the movie was where I just couldn't help but to cry. I think all of us who had a strong relationship with someone would just fall apart while experiencing this type of pain Katy Perry went through. She broke down, she cried, but she NEVER gave up. She stood up, got herself together and kept the show going. She is a go getter and a true winner. This made me proud of the $6.75 I spent to go watch Katy Perry’s: Part of Me with my friends.

All in all, it is a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sing, dance, cry and smile because it does take you to different stages. Well done, Ms. Katy! 4 Stars out of 5!

PS: I gave it 4 stars because the focus of the camera they were using was crazy and it made me blink a bunch of times.


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