Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J'adore Obsession: Rings!

All kinds! All the time! Love them all! :) They are my favorite accessory since ever :)
Can't get enough rings.
I think they make a statement, so I'm just going to show which ones I own.

[This one if my favorite! All the stones are Swarovski crystals :)]

[I wear this one with almost anything and I have it in different colors like red, pink, green, yellow and gray.]

[This one is from F21 and it covers half of the finger, it's pretty edgy and comfy.]

[This other one is a big black flower made with beads.]

[I use this one as a thumb ring. I've had it since middle school.]

[I love this ring! Is so colorful and cute. I got it from a friend as a birthday gift.]

[This is a double ring from F21.]

[Another double ring, this one is from UO]

[Turtle ring]

[One of the very few gold color rings I own. I can wear this to a family dinner or something pretty fancy.]

[I pair this ring with a large heart necklace]

[Vintage ring from a boutique]

[Cocktail ring from F21]

What's YOUR favorite accessory for any outfit?

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