Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dressing up for college this morning was kind of hard...

Shopping for college clothes is sometimes easy. Add a nice top (tee-shirt, tank top, etc.) jeans, a romper or a dress and cute boots, sandals, flats or (like I'm wearing today) a small heel shoe. I've always known the basics for "how to dress up for college" but this morning I changed 7 times and I'm still not too satisfied with what I have on. This is because I wanted my outfit to look a bit different. My routine every night is finding what I'm gonna wear to college the next day, but this time I just thought about possible outfits. Maybe that's why it's a problem for me to feel confident in what I have on now. I'll take pictures when I get home or early on the day so I can share my look-of-the-day. It sucks not feeling confident enough... It's only 9:31am, let's see where my day takes me.


This is what I was wearing on Wednesday.
After a while I learned to like it, but I still wasn't too sure.

I wore:
Black shirt with rhinestone-like details from Zara
Distressed gray skinny jeans from Solo-Mahones
New black oxfords from Payless Shoe Source

What do you think? Honestly.

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  1. Hey girl! Totally know what you mean. I've also been in that "I'm not too confident with myself" mood lately. Can't wait to see what you were wearing.




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