Monday, April 26, 2010

My Point of View: Losing Weight The Healthy Way!

Losing weight is never easy but with a good eating habit, exercise and TONS of water you can sure make it to your ideal weight. I've always been going to the gym, but not doing the right diet messed me up a bit. At this point of my life (20's) I'm just looking forward to have a healthier lifestyle. My road to a healthy diet started last week (Monday, April 19 - to be exact) and It's been going great. The diet consists in bunch of great food like meat, chicken, salads and some chocolate snacks and vanilla shakes. BUT the little trick in all of this is the portions of each meal and snack. I'll give you a simple example of how my body gets healthy and satisfied each day.
My ideal breakfasts are:

1 cup of cereal (special K, Cheerios multi-grain or Quakers crunchy corn bran)
1/2 cup of milk (for the cereal)
8oz of orange juice (110 cals)
1 cup of coffee (with milk)


1 boiled egg
8oz of orange juice
1 cup of coffee (with milk)


1 slice of wheat bread
1 slice of low-fat Turkey
1 slice of Velveeta cheese
(I put those all together)

1 cup of orange juice
1 cup of coffee (with milk)

My ideal snack (after 2 hours and a half):
Every snack has to be 150 calories or less

1 Glucerna shake (I use this because is low on sodium and sugar, it's what diabetic people should eat only good thing is I'm not diabetic and is surprisingly yummy)


1 Chewy Glucerna Chocolate Snack Bar's (I would eat this instead of a snicker and It's only 140 cals)

My ideal lunches:

4oz of any meat/chicken (stay away from everything fried)
Salad (lettuce, carrot, pickles, banana peppers, tomatoes... etc)
(You can have as many salad as you want.)
Salad dressing: Extra virgin oil and vinegar.

Tons of water
8oz of crystal light (any flavor)
8oz or Tropicana Light Fruit Punch


1 cup of rice
1/2 cup of beans
2oz of meat
Salad (as many as you want.)

(same drinks as above)


On subway (since I loooove subway)
1 mini-sub tuna sandwich with light mayonnaise on wheat bread
and I would add all the veggies desired with oil and vinegar

(same drinks as above)

Then I would do one of the snacks again after 2 1/2 hours and then wait 2 1/2 hours more so I could eat dinner.

If I get hungry @ night I would just eat cereal and water or any snacks mentioned above.

I'm very excited about my diet and exercising. Hopefully I would start being more conscious about how great is living a healthy lifestyle. My #1 coach is one of my favorite aunts, she's always calling me and asking me what I ate that day and how did I feel. It's a great help having her around as a coach and a motivator. She has done the Jenny Craig diet and have lost around 40 pounds. My aunt has found a better way to follow the same rules as the Jenny Craig diet with the steps I manage to follow on this diet. Always remember, your always beautiful no matter what, but maintaining a healthy life is more than looks.

PS: This is just my way of seeing the diet. I'm not encouraging you to follow it. I'm not a Doctor but this diet has worked for me. I recommend you see a Doctor before you start any kind of diet because this will help you know your body and know how to work with it.

Have you tried any diets?
Which ones?
Do you think this is a good diet to follow?
All comments are welcome :)


  1. okay so i dont reallly diet for loosing weight but i do because of my GP.
    liquid diets and bland food really make you loose alot of weight. trust me. i know especially at night to go liquid and not eat after around 8. it really works!

  2. Ok I am hungry now, lol. I was in a really strict diet about 9 months ago because I had to lose weight cuz of my back condition. I must say it was horrible. Basically no snacks, water and only juice or milk in the mornings and yes a lot of bland foods just like julianne. It was horrid. =(




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