Monday, April 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: The Hills & The City

These two "reality/dramalicious" shows are airing on april 27th @ the MTV channel. I'm so stocked! I really can't wait to have a gathering with my friends and just chill with our pj's while eating popcorn and watching the new season of each one. I've never been so inlove with any other series but those two (oh! and americas next top model fer suuuure). The teaser made my jaw drop and an "omg" came out, so you can imagine :$

I know is not EVERYONES favorite show, so my question is this:

Any show you like? Want to share the excitement?


  1. i do love these shows.
    ive always been team kristin since wayy back to the laguna days.
    i was totally obsessed with laguna beach!
    so i was very happyto see herback, even though we had to loose the amazing LC! <3

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