Saturday, March 6, 2010

TT's Pink & Diamonds Madness! @ Sephora

LA's own jewelry designer, Tarina Tarantino introduced her new make-up collection at Sephora. The collection is beautiful and the price is a bit expensive, kind of like MAC's (but a bit less I think). TT's "gem gloss" is a must, such amazing colors and great packing. I'm not a fan of pink but the presentation of the make-up makes me go all "ga-ga" on the color. Now, about the quality of this new line, I'm not sure. When I try one of this items I'll post my POV (= point of view). BUT! In the meantime, If YOU want to try these new products go to Sephora and see for yourself. In these stores you can get a free Tarina makeover :D. Just simply say "Sparkle Look" and feel like a true VIP :)

1 comment:

  1. I got an email from Sephora yesterday and I sooo totally want to go down to Plaza and check it out!

    Loving the pink hair, is it a wig??




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