Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"We Are Handsome" - This is not your run-off-the-mill swimwear.

This summer collection of swimsuits is unusual and very unique in it's own way. I personally love the idea but some may think "WTF!?". The fact that every piece is handmade gives it a "wow" factor. It's made with high quality polyester lycra. "We Are Handsome" is a collaboration of 2 italian brands: Oscar&Elvis Swimwear and People Like Us.

Every creation has a name, there's The Africa (the tiger suit), The Miami (a girl in a car taking a sun tan), The Jupiter (presented by a girl in a future motorcycle), The Arabia (a horse at a desert), The Hollywood (represented by a "bad boy" who has an Elvis look), The Delaware (a bunch of post stamps) and last but not least The Los Angeles (a plane in a perfect sunset). They cost $166, a little bit above average but is a nice price for those who want to keep it trully unique. Visit their shop.

All of them have a unique touch and diferent styles. My 2 favorites are "The Africa" & "The Los Angeles". I would wear them both and maybe use them as tops with my favorite short jeans.

Which one would you wear or just stare?

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  1. I love 'em!!! And I would both stare and wear them! lol =)




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