Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When one star falls another star rises: The 2012 Grammy's

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Tonight I will be giving out my personal opinion about The 54th Annual Grammy's celebrated Sunday, February 12. Also, I am going to countdown my favorite looks of the night.

The Grammy's is a special night where all types of music artists from different genres sit down in a room. I believe in diversity and union between people. While watching the Grammy's on Sunday, I noticed how forgotten country music is for those who are in the music industry. Even though is not my cup of coffee, it is still good music and it should be respected. I felt that they were SO isolated from other artists like Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry and Rihanna. It was a little disturbing watching the Grammy's because of this issue.

Another point is how weird it was for me to see LL Cool J (as the master of ceremony for this event) begin with a prayer to Whitney Huston while holding a paper and reading it. Of course, it wasn't rehearsed but at least just say few words that come from your heart and just be sincere. Reading a paper with a prayer does not make you any less than anyone but IT IS the Grammy's and it should be more special.

On positive notes, there were great performances at The 2012 Grammy's. I personally loved Chris Brown's performance that began with full energy and was very fun to watch him bust out great moves. My second favorite performance was from The Foo Fighters, who gave out two great shows which exuded true passionate feelings for music.

There were also hit and misses on the red carpet. I think that music artists have a distinct way of expressing themselves. Clothing is one of them. They are always out and about when it comes to clothing and accessories. That is why I love the Grammy's red carpet. I'll post pictures (from one to three) of the ones I think took the crown on this special night for music.

An spectacular look by Kelly Osbourne (as my #3) in this
one-sholder silver gown by Tony Ward couture.

Rihanna (as my #2) looked stunning wearing a black silk
Giorgio Armani gown, Christian Louboutin shoes and Jimmy Choo clutch.
Even though Alicia Keys and Rihanna wore the same shoes,
I think Rihanna had a better walk-in-the-park with them.

And finally, the one who took almost all the Grammy's home. Adele Adkins. Breath-taking, super beautiful in this cinched-waist three-quarter sleeve sequin gown (custom made for her) by Giorgio Armani.

The Grammy's were glory for Adele and the other winners. But, it was also a night of tears because of the sudden death of an admiring voice, beautiful soul and spectacular talent by Whitney Huston. She will always be in the heart of those who love her talent. May she rest in peace in the heavens and sing with all angels. Amen.

Share any favorite and worst Grammy moments of your own on the box below.
As always, thank you for reading :)

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