Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas is near!

Hello fellow followers!

We all know and feel that Christmas is very near :) I am in love with the festivities and the holiday. There is something magical about Christmas that I just love. People look and feel different. The love of life just glows around this time of year. I think all of us have different opinions about this subject but I do not know anyone who would say "Christmas it's awful!" I know that not everyone of us feel the same way about specific holiday but it would be an amazing opportunity for you to make this Christmas the best one possible. We only live this life once and it is important for us to make great memories for ourselves and others :)
With this said, may you have the best Christmas! Live it and love it as much as you can! Laugh, live, love and have peace!

God bless you!
Much love, Reina.

(fashion blogger and writer extraordinaire)

( Christmas Blend Coffee fromn Starbucks. Appropriate for this time of year :3 )

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