Friday, September 3, 2010

All I do is party ha ha ha ha!

haven't been here for weeks!
I hope all of you are having a great week, I know I am!
I've been using contact lenses for 2 days now and it feels awesome!
I'm still getting used to them but my eye sight is so much better with them :D
Why all of the sudden I'm excited about contacts!?
Long story short:
I went to this huuuuuge party called "Electric Daisy Carnival 2010" and it was a GREAT experience. Live music, looooots of water, friends and a bunch of sweat (sweat... ew but got to burn off some calories)
LMFAO, Will.I.Am, one dude from MSTRKRFT, Moby and a bunch of other Dj's were there. It was a sweet time BUT I lost my precious rayban eyeglasses there :/ ANYWAYS, it was for good because I got to have contact lenses this week!

[ me and my brother (: ]

myself on the way to the event (:

Now, I'm off to see what's up for tonight!
Sorry I've been kinda lost but I promise I'll update more.

- XXOO dude & dudettes

What you've been up to!?
I want to hear from you (:

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