Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haul: Forever 21

been shopping a lot this past weeks
For the SATC Gala Premiere @ Puerto Rico (that takes day, today) and for finding fun things. I've been shopping mainly in Forever 21, so I'll make this my first haul.

Floral dress, grey and charcoal dolls shirt, basic black racer back tank top, glitzy mini purse,
charcoal nail polish, antique ring, silver ring & silver leaf earrings.

Floral dress: This totally caught my attention. It's so summery and fresh.
Usually, I don't like too many colors on me but this looks adorable with gladiators <3

Gray and charcoal doll shirt: Who doesn't love a comfy shirt?
Plus, I love the dolls on the front. It defines my passion for fashion :)

Charcoal Nail Polish: Loving the shimmer this nail polish has, not to mention it has black which is a total plus for me :D

Silver Ring: While my friend hates this ring I find it pretty edgy with a simple touch to it. I like it very much, plus it goes with almost everything.

Antique Ring: Amazing ring! It looks so vintage and pretty. This is one of the accessories I'm putting on for the premiere today :D

Glitzy Black Mini Purse: It's basically a small wallet that you can use as a hand purse and it comes with a chain that you can attach. Also going to wear this to the premiere as a hand purse, of course.

Silver Leafs Earrings: I don't usually use earring like this but since I'm putting on a strapless dress to the premiere I bought them cause they seem perfect for the occasion.

What you've been shopping for lately?
Any must have accessory for this summer?

Have a nice week xo

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  1. wohooooo,,i like the antique ring...
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