Monday, June 14, 2010

Christina Aguilera's "Storytellers" Outfit

Last night was Christina Aguilera's Storytellers show at VH1, and since I knew about it I decided to catch a glimpse. Her performance was amazing, she sang with such ease. For me, her voice is absolutely breathtaking and unique in many ways. It's truly admiring. Also, her outfit caught my eyes immediately. As a loyal lover of black and silver, I thought her tights were gorgeous and I want to wear them for my birthday party this year. They were black tights with black and silver rhinestones details on the front. A serious case of "bling bliiing!".

:Here are some pictures:

What do you think about this outfit?
What's your favorite piece of clothing?

Leave your comments, they are very much appreciated :)
- Reina.


  1. I love this! Where can I find the tights??

  2. I am seriously in LOVE with the tights! I'm watching her Storytellers right now actually and I immediately started looking online for a replica of those tights. Where can I find them?? They are amazing. Gotta love the sparkle. Christina is such a diva and I will always love her, the voice and her style!



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