Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ChitChats & Summer 2012 Must-Haves

Happy Summer!

My summer has been so far so good at the time. I had trouble with my current working position but I'm working on applying for another job and I haven't had any luck yet but I know something will come along. For the moment, i'll just relax and enjoy the summer vacations before college starts again.

Let's begin with my favorite summer fashions.
I've been super into this whole high messy bun hair style. The heat in Puerto Rico is crazy this summer. Therefore, this has been my lay-off from the hot weather hairstyle.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

As you may know, summer is the ideal time for going to the beach. This means swimsuits are a priority and you have to feel good in what you have on. My favorite style for swimsuit season is Pin-Up (high waisted bottom and halter top) I bought a black one in Old Navy for a great price. Your body should be flattering while having a swimsuit on. I try to follow any good tips given on articles so I can conquer my favourite swimsuit look. Always try to choose wisely on swimwear or it can backfire.
For more on Swimwear visit

Another summer must-have are shades! Protecting your pretty eyes from the sun with shades is like having no sun-block when going out in the daylight. Ray-Bans are my go to when out on the sun but I've also seen adorable Coach sunglasses. There are other corky styles around like the "cat eye" look on sunglasses. It's kind of edgy and fun to style.

The Alton from Supreme

 A very important point to have in mind this summer is taking care of your skin. This year has been one of the hottest here in Puerto Rico and I have to constantly avoid the UV rays from my skin. I've tried two very good sunscreen lotions that have protected me in a great way. The first one is Neutrogena's SPF 85+ sunscreen lotion. I've used it on my face and body over the summer and it feels and smells good. I have no complain over it. Walgreens is one of the carriers and it costs about $10.99. The sunscreen that I've been using for the beach is the Banana Boat Sport SPF 50 and it is also a great sun-block for the water since is water and sweat resistant. Keep always in mind that this is an important part. To use sun-block these days is a must and even more over the summer.

I hope you are having the greatest summer!

Have fun in the sun and be safe (:

This is me.
Hello from Dorado, PR.


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