Thursday, June 30, 2011

Local News: Stores opening this year

I've been lost in the world of college & work, but now I'm back to life (:
I wanted to make an update and what a better way than to announce which LOVELY stores
are going to join Puerto Rico in the next few months. All of these stores are opening at the same mall.
The mall is called Plaza las Americas and is the biggest mall in all the caribbean and it's situated in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

1st store:

Victoria's Secret!
Yes, the secret is revealed! The store is going to join us in November 2011.
I seriously can't wait for this store to open.
Beautiful, sexy lingerie just 20 minutes away from home sounds like a temptation.

2nd store:

The Disney Store!
It's coming back!!! I've been waiting for this store to come back for SO long. I used to visit all the time when I was little and I'm glad the new generation of younger people get's to see it!
It's such a magical store (:

3rd store:

Carolina Herrera Boutique!
I'm actually really suprised about this last store opening in PR.
It'll be really cool seeing this store up close. I imagine it very white and with dashes of red.
I'm very interested in visiting this designer boutique.

Source of information from; El Nuevo Dia newspaper.

That's all I'll post for now but stay tunned!
I have a review on a book I read several months ago coming up!

- Much love, Reina

PS: I'm SO excited to be back to the wonderful world of bloggin' (:
I've missed it.

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