Monday, December 13, 2010

My head has been... ALL OVER

Ello' !
I've been busy and haven't had anytime for my lovely blog, till NOW! (:
Better late than never, right?
I'll kick it off with sharing some of my latest fashion inspirations.

Right now is what I like to call "my season" because I LOVE winter and I just mix well with it and so is my style. I just can't get enough black, gray and blue :D

I'm finding rings, headbands, purses, hats, shoes (boots & booties) and Jammies for great deals. This means you KNOW I'll be shopping. I've been going to GAP lately, they have a great sale section where I've found a bunch of cool sweaters, v-necks and purses. This I like because it means I'm getting something good for less (:

Here are some of those items I've bought in the last month:

Roxy 2-Way Backpack (@ Pacsun, $5.00) & Suede Black Pumps (@ Payless, $14.99)

Black and Blue Satin Cheetah Tote (@ GAP, $13.00)

Black Cashmere/Cotton Vest (@ GAP, $8.00)

Gray Cashmere/Cotton Vest (@ GAP, $8.00)

Those are just some of the goodies (:
Hope you like them as much as I did!
Have a nice week :)

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