Monday, May 3, 2010

Latest Purchase: My Black Leather Jacket

Okay, long story short.
My grandmother won a gift certificate from the boutique "Glamour" which is run by a very known designer from Puerto Rico (Carlos Alberto). She decided to give it to me as a surprise gift so I could buy a leather jacket I saw there last year. And for my surprise it was there! Waiting for me in my size! It looked even better than last year cause of the few pounds I dropped. It's SO exciting! :D

Here is the picture:
(You'll see me with it whenever I decide to wear it)

The jacket itself costs $120 ($129 with taxes.)
Good thing I only had to pay $29 dollars :D

Did you like my choice?
What is your must have for any season?


  1. amazzinnng. i want one so bad.

    i promise i didnt forget about you.
    just had prom this weekend so hopefully i will send your prize out sometime this week or next week the latest.<3333



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